Friday, 2 July 2010

COGH Quarter Finals - The Big Beasts start to clash...

Cup of Good Hop - The Final Countdown
There are only eight matches left in COGH - eight countries left - eight beers that have admirably displayed their attributes, their strength and all the ingredients that make them among the best brews on the planet. To reach this stage, every single one of them are winners, but ultimately seven of them will lose. Here's how the quarter-finalists line up:-
France (La Choulette) versus

Germany (Erdinger)

Japan (Sapporo) v

Spain (Alhambra Mezquitza)

Nigeria (Guinness Foreign Extra) v

Australia (Coopers Sparkling Ale)

Paraguay (Palo Santo Marron) v

Switzerland (Samichlaus)

Match 57:
France 2
Aznavour 34, Mitterand 69
Germany 1
Hasselhoff 67
A mammoth pan-European encounter produced drama a-plenty, with the French Blonde Bombshell winning our over the Weissbeer. 'This is like Special Brew for Kings,' said Peter of the Gallic £3-a-bottle concoction. Erdinger won lots of plaudits but just fell short in a titantic, tight battle. 'Ooh la-la,' was all Dan had to say, and let his tastebuds do the judging as La Choulette took a well deserved berth in the semis.
Match 58:
Japan 0

Spain 2
Chavvy 23, Burrito 80
To be fair, Sapporo had enjoyed a relatively easy passage into the last eight - winning the frankly awful Group E. Consequently when it was time to face some proper beer in top-flight competition it was found wanting. 'Essentially it doesn't taste of anything much,' says Stu. Conversely Mezquita was pulling up taste-trees, a strong yet finely balanced beer that can hold its own with the best - is among the bookies favourites for the COGH trophy.

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