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Semi-Finals - which are the two mightiest beers?

Cristiano Ronaldo - a cry baby who is incapable of doing anything other than rolling around on the floor... or is that his son?

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davidschneider Congratulations to Cristiano Ronaldo on the birth of his son, John Terry Jr

Cup of Good Hop
Semi-Final 1
Match 61:
France 1
Ribaldry 35
Spain 1
Amarillo 4
(Spain won on penalties)

An almighty battle and no mistake - was almost impossible to select a winner - but ultimately Alhambra Mezquita winkled its way into the final by a whisker. France's La Choulette was 'just a tad too sweet' and 'tasted more boozy' than its smooth Spanish adversary. However, to come this close to the final means the French can hold their beery heads up high - well, far higher than their footballers can. And with Spain's WC2010 progress and Rafa Nadal, what a summer it has been for the Spanish - no need for an inquisition right now...

COGH unveil new taster for next World Cup

Euro 2012 Preview - part two

Stuart Fuller takes us through down some of the stranger cul-de-sacs of european booze who'll be fighting it out in COGH 2012...

Group D
France – Kronenbourg
Romania – Ursus
Bosnia –Herzegovina – Nektar
Belarus – Brovar (Carlsberg)
Albania – Birra Malto
Luxembourg - Mousel

France has more to offer than just Kronenbourg and this variety will be needed to get out of a group of ordinary beers on the face of it. Bosnia’s Nektar may be fit for the gods in Sarajevo but will it cut the mustard when up against a big Brovar from White Russia. Carlsberg again providing the ammunition in a world in which they dominate.

And what about Albania? Birra Malto sounds a bit agricultural to me, as it is been fermented with various unexplained root vegetables. Luxembourg is just dull, and despite its borders with great beer nations France, Belgium and Germany I am not holding out much hope. I have a feeling this will be the group of death in terms of disappointing offerings but I may be wrong....

Group E
Netherlands – Amstel
Sweden – God Lager
Finland – Sahti
Hungary – Arany Arzok
Moldova – Bere Chisinau
San Marino – Amacord

Finland’s Sahti, which apparently has a strong taste of bananas kicks off the group and sets a fruity tone for events to come we imagine. The Swedes love a beer, but their government frowns upon such excesses and waters down their brew, so much so that many hop on a boat every Saturday in Helsingborgs and head to Denmark to import their special brew.

God Lager - from the Nils Oscar brewery - is Sweden's biggest export but will it have the strength to knock out the likes of Hungary’s Arany Arzok’s who Arsene Wenger tried to sign for Arsenal a few seasons ago. Top marks to San Marino for actually bothering to have a brewery despite its size and no marks for Amstel, because, well it’s just Amstel which tasks as if it has been produced in a brewery that is simply called Beer.

Group F

Croatia – Zlatni Medved
Greece - Mykos
Israel – Layla Dirty Blonde Beer
Latvia - Kimmel
Georgia – Argo Dark
Malta – Cisk XS

Croatia may have top billing as seeds in this group but will it come out on top in a group of unknowns. Zlatni Medved or Golden Bear is one of the best reasons to go to Zagreb, along with the stunning women and the football violence – perhaps the three are interlinked in some way? Greece – Euro2004 winners but since then they have bored us rigid on the world football stage and with an offering like Mykos they will need to do so much more to finish above bottom spot.

Now Israel...We could have gone with the Maccabee brand but when you see a beer named after one of the songs and singers of all time you just have to track that down. Eric Clapton and Madonna would be proud of this export beer. Kimmel is the best known brand in Latvia and has been the tipple of choice for all discerning stags for the past few years.

Many a monumental night has been accompanied by strippers and Kimmel and we think the Latvians may be onto a winner here. I typed in Georgia Beers into Google and blow me down it told me that she was a world renowned author of Lesbian fiction. Do we need to look elsewhere for a winner in this group? We do? Bother – ok well let’s try an Argo Dark then.

Finally, Malta, home of one of the most historical pubs in the world – aptly called “The Pub”. It was here that Ollie Read finally fell off his bar stool whilst drinking a Cisk XS 9% pale lager...probably.

Semi-Final 2
Match 62:
Nigeria 2
Oddbinnsa 1, Youngboy-Byrne (O.G) 42
Switzerland 3
Pepperami (pen) 7, Schwigger 50, Yacking 77

The Swiss going storming on, picking off some of the genuine heavyweights of the tournament as they progress. The intoxifying effects of Samichlaus - 'Santa Claus' in German - is by this point quite profound. 'It really has a different affect on the old noggin than anything else,' says Dan. And more to the point, its an effect we all love. Guinness Foreign Extra has had a hugely positive reaction over the course of this tournament, and could well have got through to the final had it faced any of the other semi-finalists... hard lines.

Next time... tune in on Sunday for the Cup of Good Hop Final and 3rd / 4th playoff match and much, much more... cheers, Peter and James

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