Wednesday, 19 May 2010

3 continents in one trip

Wandered down to Lewes Road in Brighton on friday and amongst the significant choice of Polish beers (memories of Boniek and co flooding back..) discovered three on Questionable/Difficult list:


Always been a Guiness fan so am looking forward to this Foreign Extra coming in at 7.5%,

Portugal I've always thought to possess flair, style but often lacking a little bit of weight up front.

Sagres is not is best looking label it has to be said. Having never been to Portugal this does look like a campsite staple so with holding judgement..

The highlight of the trip was finding this rather simple and fetching blue and white striped bottle of Quilmes from Argentina:

If only the Poles were in we could have a dozen for them alone..



  1. Guinness now brew foreign extra in Dublin too. It tastes different to the Nigerian, sort of smoother, less like mortar. But whichever you've got, it's a monster heady brew to be sure.

    If only Thierry Henry wasn't such a blatant fouling twat, you could be comparing the Nigerian and Irish versions.

  2. that would have been a pleasure... shame Belgium are crap at football these days too.