Thursday, 20 May 2010

Brahma-rama - three more down... or was it two?

The full extent of our quest... sobering isn't it?

Wednesday - job interview in London. Suited and booted - check. Laptop and PR strategy presentation - check. List of speciality beer shops across the capital - goes without saying.
Interview finishes around 3.30pm and consult mini A-Z for nearest source of sauce at the most northerly reaches of the Piccadilly Line.

A foray into the mean streets of Holloway Road carrying an impossibly heavy bag took me to Kris Wines, which stocks 350 global beers but only one that matched COGH requirements - Max Gold (New Zealand)... the eighth find marking one quarter of the task done. Woo hoo!

Next stop was Drinker's Paradise in Camden - where Brazil (Brahma) and Mexico (Pacifico) were obtained. When questioning the shopkeep I discover they used to stock Slovenian, Slovakian and other rare breeds, but I suppose out of World Cup time there's not much call (or I dare say during the build-up to World Cup - excepting two guys with a particular mission).

A bottle of Pacifico on holiday

Drinkers Paradise - to die for...
but could do with more v rare beers

By this stage time was against me, but pressed onto East London to try Bottles on Commercial Road. As it was the first name on my list I had high hopes, and waddled sweatily through Whitechapel cursing laptop, portfolio et al. Imagine my abject disappointment on arrival at no. 349 to discover it was now a run-of-the-mill convenience store, with the current incumbent completely oblivious to his shop's presumably illustrious past. That said, if Bottles had been that great it would have still been there...

After dinner with girlfriend in Islington (and a well deserved bottle of Sam Adams, (USA)) I met James at Victoria Station for the journey back to Brighton. Have Grolsch for the train, but we run dry around Haywards Heath. James asks to crack open one of our stash - and I offer the Pacifico as the least rare of today's haul. The one that got away... down our necks...

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