Sunday, 30 May 2010

World Cup names to watch this summer...

In the last COGH I promised you tastefully shot photos of the beers in all their glory - and I tell you they are on the way (they are on James' camera) - but in the meantime I've had a trawl through the World Cup squads to find those names that will make us giggle into our beer throughout the summer.

In the past there have been some classics. Who could forget Angola's Titi Buengo and Paraguay veteran Chiqui Arce from 2006? Or Stefan Kuntz from a decade before?

So the question is: Though Portugal's goalie Quim may have hung up his gloves - will there be surnames to make commentators corpse?

Well, a quick look through the squads reveals that its not going to be a classic year, but there are some sources of amusement.

One of those in contention to be between the German sticks is Hans Joerg Butt, and Waldo Ponce is raring to go for Chile. I suppose we have our fair share of Johnsons and Bent of course, and Cameroon's Gaetan Bong raises a smile, but otherwise we'll have to satisfy ourselves with New Zealand's Shane Smeltz and North Korea's Kim Kum Il.





Anyway, that's quite enough of that. James is off in Spain tracking down more beer, I'll keep my eyes open and our hunt for those five rare ones continues, as well as getting the five we can get with our eyes shut.

Enjoy, over and out, Peter.


  1. Do put the occasional guest posts on POYP during the World Cup Pete. Good stuff...

  2. cheers Chris,

    that would be great.