Thursday, 13 May 2010


As you have seen so far, these 32 beers aren't going to find themselves. It's going to take a fair bit of research, shoe leather and expense to realise our dream.

A little googling and an alert out to my friends on Facebook produced the following on these countries, starting with the most daunting:-
North Korea (People's Republic) - main 'brand' is called Tadonggang

Algeria - the Islamic government seem to have shut down many of the breweries, but apparently Castel Algerie is the leading producer.

Paraguay - apparently Pilsen by Quinsa is the most downed beverage in downtown Asuncion

Ivory Coast - there is supposed to be a brand called 'Mamba' but only sparse references to it can be found... this could be our toughest challenge of all!!!

Been sent a link about Ghana Beer that is sold in a restaurant in Streatham - but am going to London today anyhoo so will be trawling the supermarkets and speciality shops over the weekend. Best leave some space in my rucksack...

Am trying to do some serious boning up on the more esoteric beers we need.

Slovenia: Apparently Lasko is the top brew, and Slovakia isn't particularly renowned for its beer culture, despite its proximity to the lovely Czech Republic. Oh why, why did they not qualify for WC 2010? And the Belgians for that matter? Disappointing.

Uruguay: Patricia - according to reviews its one of the finest beers in the world. Funnily enough Patricia Beer was also the name of a C20th English New Romantic poet...

Serbia: Apparently Jelen is the label to look for. Here it is:-

What a beauty. Obscure South American beers may well be sourced from La Bodeguita in the market at Elephant and Castle. It remains to be seen. Right, that's enough desktop, let's go beer hunting...

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