Sunday, 30 May 2010

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Press release 30/5/10. For Immediate release.

World Cup beer bloggers: ‘Help us find last five rare brews’

Two Sussex beer bloggers are in a race against time to find five brews from five World Cup countries in order to complete their collection, making it possible for them to host a Beer World Cup this summer.

The Cup of Good Hop - – will pit the best beers from countries such as Brazil, Nigeria and Japan in a match-by-match basis in order to find the greatest combiner of hops, yeast, water and alcohol on the planet. The blog has achieved more than 1,000 hits since its inception a little over two weeks ago.

Brighton-based beer hunters Peter Styles and James Byford have so far sourced 27 of the 32 national tipples, but are stumped as to where to find brews from the following countries:-

North Korea

Peter says of the challenge: ‘It’s been great fun collecting the beers so far but these last five have left us stumped. None of these countries export their beer to the UK and it would be a great shame if our challenge was to fail as a result. If anyone has a beer from any of these countries going spare, we’d be so grateful.’

Anyone who can help Peter and James with their noble quest should contact them on 07946 825926 or email Alternatively, they can just enjoy the blog and the World Cup as it unfolds from June 11th.


Cup of Good Hop, Peter Styles,
mobile: 07946 825926


  1. I'm sure I remember seeing a TV programme a while back about a British company that either sells some produce to North Korean breweries or replicates the beer here. I can't remember anything else and to be honest, it sounded a bit grim!

  2. hi Ross,

    i think it's Mann's Brown Ale - 2.8% - oh no. If all else fails we're gonna go for a bottle of that. can't see it making a great deal of difference to their group whatever we do...