Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The big Serbian Contender

Trecked out to London's Shepherds Bush Market area to hunt down the Serbian choice of Jelen which is stocked by the Macedonian specialists, on Askew Road. I arrived at the shop only to find it locked shut. However, just as I preparing to take a pic of the outside for the hell of it, the owner turned up and confirmed that he did in fact stock Jelen in 2 litre bottles! Cost the reasonable sum of £4.95 and thankfully no laptop to carry now the iPad is here and so fitted perfectly into my rucksack.

So here it is BEER #29:

Shame the Macedonians didn't make it to South Africa as the proprietor had loads to choose from and was a very friendly chap. Looking forward to the radio natter later on, let's see if that generates our missing Slovakian and Uruguayan candidates and who knows, perhaps some more ideas for North Korea.

Had an interesting chat with a lady at a business meeting earlier about nothing to do with COGH who suggested that a micro-brewery in Derby might be interested in creating a unique Cup of Good Hop ale.. Thats one to follow up unless there are any others out there reading us and would like to talk?

- RockJimford

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