Monday, 14 June 2010

Bring on the Germans... that's right - it's Group D time

Dan interviewing Peter about permutations in the COGH Group of Death

Three big beery nations in this one - someone's gonna get it... Ouch! Would have to say Ghana are underdogs in the group before the off...

Jelen Pivo, 5%
'Extremely pale in color. It pours with a sizable, very white head of foam that dissipates relatively quickly. There is minimal lacing on the glass as the head shrinks down to form a film on top of the beer. Surprisingly, and quite pleasantly, Jelen Pivo is moderately bitter in flavor.’

Star, 5%
‘A million sparkling golden bubbles with a uniquely rich foamy head and crisp excellent taste.' Awoko Newspaper

Erdinger Weiss, 5.3%
'Medium gold colour, with lots of swirling yeast haze in the glass. The nose is really quite clean, crisp and citrussy, with a little hint of yeastiness and grass, but rather neutral overall. On the palate the texture is creamy and dense, and this is a very smooth, sleek, tasty beer that is nevertheles a touch non-descript.’


Cooper’s Sparkling Ale, 5.8%
‘A little hint of cinammon, fine hops and fruity notes. On the palate it is medium-bodied and smooth, with a rich moussy attack, and subtly toasty character. It is a very classy beer, with a tight-grained, bitter hoppiness and a lovely focus of quite fruity, herbal flavours and that subtle toast held in check..'

Match 7:
Germany 3
Bierhoff Jr. 8, 52, Badstubby 89

Australia 3
Kneel 24, Chippyfeel 45 (pen), Galesalesovic 90

Takes virtually no time for this one to catch fire - a real classic for the archives. James asks Deaks how he's set for time - only for Big D to reply 'I've got two weeks off...' But the beers themselves are of course the focus. Coopers is described as having beautiful body and compared to Elle McPherson by Peter, whereas Dan's response to German Weissbeer Erdinger is 'Ding Ding Ding!!!' The Aussies have a tangy frontrunner that packs a punch, though the Germans hit back from Stu's derogatory 'it's like a flat Hoegaarden' and managed to more than wangle an enthralling draw. Comfortably the best match of COGH so far.

Match 8:
Serbia 3
Zigzagic 1, Alcoholic 32, 77

Ghana 1
Gowaan 55 (pen)

Careful consideration of Jelen Pivo

Serbia's Jelen Pivo was impressive from the start - not only did it come in a two-litre bottle but it was lively, lively, lively. It looked like we were going to be subjected to a gassy uprising from the Balkans, but then the only COGH beer with a stag in the logo locked horns with our tastebuds and easily outclassed the fading Star, which was considered bland and then dipped into further obscurity. JP managed make some firm friends, and there was still more than plenty of the bottle left to sup...

Mass hilarity caused by JP... splendid

Barbie and Sindy join in the fun - god knows where they came from

Stay tuned for two more posts today, by which time we should be bang up-to-date with events over in South Africa and in the COGH Lounge. Laters,


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