Tuesday, 8 June 2010

COGH picture special

Here are all our contestants so far (31 of 32) posing in group order on the lawn. Aren't they lovely? Online polls for all groups are down the right hand column from today. Enjoy the fine art below...

Group A: Uruguay, Mexico, France, S. Africa

Group B: Nigeria, Argentina, S. Korea, Greece

Group C: Algeria, Slovenia, USA, England

Group D: Australia, Ghana, Serbia, Germany

Me setting up the as yet incomplete Group E:
Japan, Netherlands, Denmark, Cameroon (missing)

Group F: New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia, Italy

Group G: Brazil, N. Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal

Group H: Switzerland, Honduras, Chile, Spain

And here they are en masse...


  1. I had no idea Skol was from Algeria. Surely they have something better to offer.
    Sagres brings back fond memories of working at Oddbins though, we used to crack one open after a hard day's work, as they were the cheapest beer we sold. Not bad at all though.

  2. hi Fliss,

    i reckon Sagres will do pretty well - unlike Skol. Not long til me, James and our EBTs - Executive Beer Tasters Stuart and Dan will be drinking the lot...

    hope you enjoy the World Cup over there. Japan should get out of their group at least.

    P x

  3. Whoah!!! Ostravar is NOT a Slovak beer. It's from the neighbouring Czech Republic (you can even see that on your photo), and they didn't qualify. To avoid colossal offence to Slovaks everywhere (think England vs Scotland), get yourself a bottle of Smädný Mních, Zlatý Bažant, Topvar or even Stein (but only in extremis). If you can't source one near you mail me at paulkbxl@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do...

    PS Fantastic blog title!


  4. hi Paul,

    we've tried - i've searched high and low for Slovak beer - i wrote to Heineken to try and get some Zlaty Bazant and they sent a measly jpeg... any help you could give me would be fantastic. would need something to arrive before Sunday.

    glad you like the blog title...


    20 Tennis Rd, Hove, BN3 4LR

  5. Having spent all of the 2002 tournament drinking OB, I reckon it'll be propping up Group B!

    Fantastic blog by the way - I've been reading for a couple of weeks now. Almost supping time :)

  6. cheers Andy,

    so glad you've been enjoying it - hopefully a lot more than OB. feel free to contribute whenever.

    new post just going up now.



  7. That Adnam's (or any other beer in that photo) is certainly not ours, in fact I've never even heard of it.

    Cheers from Slovenia,

  8. Hi jan,

    We ve had to be a bit creative on some beers as we really couldn't get hold of them.
    Adnams use Slovenian hops so we thought that would be 'enough'.

    Apologies, and I hope you enjoy the rest of COGH.