Monday, 14 June 2010

Ok - now the real action begins...

This is how it ended... let's find out how we got there

Yesterday we tested all 32 COGH beers to destruction - and very nearly ourselves. Over the course of the World Cup we will release the match reports, and ultimately reveal the greatest beer on the planet - at least the best one we were able to get hold of over the last month.

Fuelled only by bar snacks, fish stew and err... loads and loads of beers, our intrepid team left no stone unturned, no bottle untried and put petty patriotism to one side to seek out the ultimate fusion of hops, yeast, water and most importantly alcohol. Let's meet the team of EBT's - Executive Beer Tasters.

Peter 'call me chef' Styles

James 'host with the most' Byford

Dan 'you couldn't make it up' Last

Lee 'Big Deaks' Deacon

Stuart 'theballisround' Fuller

There is another motley crew you need to meet - the beers. Here our all 32 contestants in their swimwear. Aren't they beautiful?

And so - without further ado - let's kick off the action - the Cup of Good Hop team is ready to bring you all the action. Let's go...

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