Monday, 14 June 2010

First Group B Games

The Group B contestants stand for the national anthems. L to r Quilmes (Argentina), Mythos (Greece), OB (S. Korea), Guiness Foreign (Nigeria)

So with the competition well underway, we set our sights on the next four contenders:-

South Korea
OB, 4.4%
'The light crisp hop character combines with the effervescent mouthfeel on the tongue before the flavor finishes on the dry side. This clean dry finish might also be attributable to the use of some rice in the grain bill.'

Mythos, 4.7% "This light golden-coloured lager has a pleasantly citrus note on the nose, and a little hint of honey, as well as a nice hoppy freshness. On the palate it is quite creamy textured, and is enjoyable, if a touch unexciting."

Quilmes, 4.9% 'There's a lightly malty, slightly honeyed note on the nose of this golden-coloured beer, followed by a nice sense of mellow nuttiness. On the palate it has a broad, expansive character with a fruity, dry flavour and rich texture. Not particularly distinctive, but enjoyable.'

Guiness Foreign Export, 7.5% 'The aroma is complex, with bitter roasted grain, a woody and vinous note and spicy hop resins. The palate is bitter from roasted grain and hops, balanced by dark fruit, with a long, dry and bitter finish with hints of liquorice and dark mysterious fruits, including something akin to sour bananas.'

International caps...

Match 3:
Argentina 1
Messy 72

Nigeria 4
Shittu 2, Yobbo 35, 84, Kainu 56

La Albiceleste were blown away by the dark side as Nigeria got universal acclaim. Tasting like chocolate, Dan said Guinness Foreign Extra was 'a party in my mouth and everyone's invited'. Weighing in at 7.5%, it was thought that if we had too many of these we may be subject to an ASBO, but that seemed like a price worth paying compared to Quilmes, which seemed to be a run-of-the-mill lager that although it was smooth and crisp failed to inspire.

Guinness Foreign Extra: A party in the mouth and best so far...

Match 4:
South Korea 2
Sung-Me Hi 24, Eee-Woo Way 55

Greece 1
Stellaos 30

'Greece is not the word,' says Deaks - who nonetheless describes Mythos as 'harmless holiday fun'. James is starting to come to the conclusion that beers like Quilmes, Mythos and Corona come from a non-descript global lager plant. Stu echoes this by comparing it to 'bog-standard Amstel'. There is more controversy with OB from South Korea - Peter identifies a distinctive aftertaste which he thinks is agricultural. He is then informed that this is due to the rice that is added to the process, then muses as to whether he actually enjoys it or not. A gimmick such as this, however, is enough to win a poor game.

Mythos: Deaks was not a fan

Four games down, only sixty to go. More COGH match reports coming to you soon...

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