Monday, 14 June 2010

Friday's Games (June 11th)

Here at COGH we intend to bring you match reports on the day, but we've been a little err... busy with beer at the weekend
Come on!!!

The World Cup of Good Hop - what it's all about...

Consequently, as we've been otherwise engaged, the first few reports will be a tad tardy. So - without further ado, let's meet the teams for Friday's games:-
Group A photo (l to r: Uruguay, S.Africa, Mexico, France)
Here they are again from a different camera angle...

South Africa

Durban Pale Ale, 5.7%
"It pours a hazy Caramac colour, with an immediate blast of marmalade orange on the nose, a toffee character and just a hint of spice. On the palate it is medium- to full-bodied, and an initial hit of sweetness is soon swept along by a tide of nicely chewy and tangy hops and a gentle fruitiness."

Corona, 4.7%
(it was going to be Pacifico but James drank it on the train one night)
"Is there any better tasting beer than Corona? It means Crown in Spanish, and I have to think I agree with their assessment."
Walter Stevens,

La Choulette, 7.5%
"Russet-coloured French beer with a spicy and bitter orange aroma and a hint of chocolate. Bitter, peppery hops burst through on the tongue, balanced by rich grain and a Grand Marnier orange fruitiness."

Harvey's Blue Label, 3.6%
"A full-bodied pale ale which should impart a delicate hop character behind the residual sweetness of the malt sugars."
Harvey's website

Match 1:
South Africa 1
Matthew Booze 32

Mexico 2
Bar-erra 68, Blanko 84

Dan is quick of the mark with a disparaging opinion of the host nation's effort - 'cloudy and bitter - possibly off', and a general consensus that it resembled stagnant piss. Conversely, Deaks thought Mexico was 'crisp and refreshing... need nachos... good hair of the dog material'. Stu was less enamoured, declaring Corona 'a girl's beer - pure and simple'. A lacklustre curtain opener - especially considering all the hype and excitement leading up to the tournament.

Cloudy or off? It's a tough call...

Match 2:
Uruguay 2
Loadeiro 7, Forlan-Over 78

France 4
Gallo 4, Squiffaci 45, 47, Ribaldry 90+3

A sparkling encounter which gave the lads something to cheer about. The French impressed from the start, with James being bowled over by the label if not the cap. Peter reckons he's be happy accompanying La Choulette dans la piscine - and admired the melony through taste and sweet notes flying over the palate. Uruguay put in a good account of themselves, with Dan imagining it would normally be poured by a barmaid with thin arms, but ultimately could not live with this Gallic talisman.

Arty shot: The Uruguayan attack(Front), with La Choulette resplendent in the background.

Well, that's about it from a memorable Day One of COGH. Stay tuned for the first Group B games very soon... It's ok, we won't broadcast any ads over the goals, unlike some channels we could mention.

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