Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Group D - Triumph of the Big Two...

Africa's World Cup?
A cursory glance at the match stats so far suggest it's been anything but Africa's World Cup. Of eight matches involving teams from the host continent (up to Friday 18th) only Ghana have managed to win, and every other game has resulted in a loss apart from South Africa's draw on the opening day. South America are the most successful continent by a country mile, with five wins and a draw from six matches. European teams are drawing more often than they are chalking up wins, but who would ever have thought that Germany, Spain and France would have trouble in the group stage?

Germany miss from the spot for once

Match Breakdown (as of June 18th, in order of success)

South America
Matches 6
Won 5
Drawn 1
Lost 0

Matches 11
Won 4
Drawn 5
Lost 2

North America
Matches 4
Won 1
Drawn 2
Lost 1

Asia & Australisia
Matches 6
Won 1
Drawn 2
Lost 3

Matches 8
Won 1
Drawn 1
Lost 6

Jelen Pivo: Big, but not one of the Big Two

The Jelen Pivo World Cup lounge...

Cup of Good Hop Match 23:
Germany 3
Mullered 41, 51, Badstubby 77

Serbia 2

Crossstic 13, Zigzagic 43

Two words sum up Erdinger for Deaks - well engineered. The Serbian beer is both big and well received 'it's much nicer than Stella - gets you in the mood,' says Stu, but ultimately it doesn't have enough to match Die Nationalelf, as the Germans are sometimes known. Peter seems to be failing to keep up with the pace when he says 'I might need a little time to finish Germany off,' and the double entredre is well received. James considers Erdinger to be 'subtle but powerful', with the team in full agreement that they should shave a narrow win.

Stuart with the trophy they are all lusting after

Our Team

Just in case you've forgotten or didn't know what our EBTs (Executive Beer Tasters) look like - here they are again...
Peter Styles

James Byford

Dan Last

Lee Deacon

Stuart Fuller


Twitter Titter #4
An occasional COGH series revealing the tweets that make us titter

@billybragg USA continue their winning streak with a brilliant 2-2 victory over Slovenia

What! Another Drinking World Cup!
We've had an email from Tom Drummond , an app that allows you to pledge allegiance to your telling us about the Drinking World Cup allowing you to pledge your allegiance for your nation - indeed any nation of choice - by saying that you are going to drink on their behalf. Seems eminently sensible to us. Cheers!

John Travolta putting a scientologist curse on the Australian team last week

Match 24:
Ghana 0

Australia 3
Kewl 27, Molehill 50, 52

Australia, like the Germans, consolidate after cancelling each other out in the first round of games. Ghana have no answer to the Aussie firepower, with very little by way of attack. Peter thought that Coopers 'beat Star pants down' and Deaks described it as 'special and refreshing. It's a top performer - good bowling Shane.' As far as Star was concerned, Dan picked up on their marketing message. 'They promise a million sparkling bubbles - and deliver considerably less.' James thought Star was 'lacklustre' and 'metallic', and it was clear to all that Star was going to be the whipping boy of Group D.

Group D Table


COGH Analysis: Germany have almost guaranteed themselves a place in the last sixteen with as their final fixture is against the lowly Ghana, but the tie that's going to wet many whistles is the one between the Socceroos and Serbia, with the Eastern Europeans needing all three points to progress.

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