Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Guinness is Back, Guinness is Back - Hello, hello

Here at COGH it isn't all drink, drink, drink - we've got some lovely food on the go - here's the fish stew that's going to line the sides for the rest of the tournament.

Over in South Africa Henry Winter, Chief Football Correspondant for the Daily Telegraph, has been our most high-profile advocate. Today on our siblog European Football Weekends, Henry talks to our Executive Beer Taster Danny Last about elephants, Capello and why watching a dire goalless draw is good for the soul.

Anyhow, back to more important matters...

Match 19:
Argentina 1
Militant 64

South Korea 0

Quilmes may fare well in times of increasing climate change, for Peter thought that the Argentinian entry was 'nice if you're hot and bothered'. James took a dim view of OB - 'it's not as distinctive as it claims to be,' he said with some distain. Bottle and cap design then took centre stage, and the South Koreans were blown away by some lovely blue-and-white dtp action. It was also thought you could do more Quilmes than OB on a long session, thus giving it a narrow victory with a scrappy goal.

Peter gives OB the red card

Twitter Titter #3

COGH Executive Beer Taster Stu @theballisround posted this:- After the first round of games, the Cup of Good Hop correctly predicted the results in 6 out of the 16 games - the power of beer!

He says he's going to set up a spreadsheet to track the results, and see if beer is a more reliable predictor of the future than astrology or any other form of mumbo jumbo - I bet it is... Also, I'd recommend some good World Cup comedy courtesy of The Onion.

Match 20:

Greece 1

Tzaziki 30 (pen)

Nigeria 4

Amataxi 13, 67 (pen), Yobbo 23, Oddbinnsa 75

Dan puts his cards immediately on the table in favour of Nigeria: 'This is a dark horse I'd like to get my leg over,' he says with a wry smile. 'It has so much going on,' adds Peter... 'It's like they've got Rooney, Essien, Messi...' - at which point James retorts with 'It'd certainly get messy if you had more than a couple. By now the Guinness label is a little squ-whiff, but battles on with total resolve. James is still convinced that Mythos is part of the Global Lagerland conspiracy, whilst Stu gives it the thumbs down compared to the most warmly received beer of the tournament so far...

Group B Table

2South Korea210034-13

COGH Analysis: Well, you've got to think that Nigeria are through with flying colours, Greece are out and it just remains for the middle two to battle it out. However, it is the Koreans who face the Super Eagles in the final game in the group.

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