Thursday, 17 June 2010

Spain's passage to next round under threat - or is it?

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Cup of Good Hop Polls
You've had the opportunity to vote for your favourite beers on COGH, and they have produced some surprising results so far. Things couldn't be tighter in Group A, whereas Quilmes is the clear front runner amongst Argentina's foursome, despite the presence of Guinness Foreign Export (jeez, their PR department should start bunging us some cash before long - but it really is a stunning beer). Another surprise is the walkaway victory for Macs Gold (New Zealand) in Group F - which seems to be contrary to the thoughts of the COGH Executive Beer Tasters. As the tournament unfolds we will give you more opportunity to state your preferences and generally get involved.

Are we experiencing the worst refereeing in World Cup history?
Probably not, but it sure feels like it... Chile v Switz latest of too many examples

Match 31:
Chile 0

Switzerland 4

Toblerone 10, 77, Tell 47, Franc 56

A predictable outcome for this bottom v top encounter. The Swiss continue to impress to the utmost, with complicated yet subtle flavours and a profound effect on the noggin. Chile are peppered with attacks 'tastes hot, smells funny,' says Deaks, and Peter wants no more - 'wrong combination of flavours. Not a keeper.' James finishes off the job with a dismissive 'I'm anti this beer big time.' There's no coming back from that kind of barracking when taking on the best.

Us against An-them
It occurred to me during the Portugal v North Korea match that both of their national anthems are tuneful, upbeat and cheery. Then it struck me that given Portugal's political history theirs is possibly about peasants getting mercilessly shot by the militia, and heaven knows what they've got to be cheery about in North Korea. What's been your favourite anthem - or indeed the one that makes your eardrums feel sick... Let us know here at COGH - leave a message or email
Facebook Focus
Alex Edgar The England team went to visit a South African orphanage. "It was good to put a smile on the faces of people who have no hope and are constantly struggling," said Joseph Umboto, aged six.

Match 32:
Spain 3
Del Fuego 45, Amarillo 67, Que-Pasa 77

Honduras 2
Escobar 14, Palacial 71

Though we are all big fans of Banana Bread beer, we have to give a narrow decision in favour of Alambra Mezquita. 'This is a serious beer - class in a glass,' says Stu. 'I could drink a lot of these,'
says Deaks with some zest. There's a lot going on with Alambra, and is more of a connoisseur's beer, but that takes nothing away from the plucky Hondurans. 'Lovely smell - you could drink these too excess in one sitting,' says Peter - who pledges to look out for Banana beer in future when in need of a tasty, novel boozing experience.


COGH Analysis: The Swiss have laid waste everyone in their path, but its a top of the table clash next. This could be a prime opportunity for Spain to leapfrog into the second round, as they face the Chileans, who've yet to make any positive impact on the competition yet.

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