Monday, 14 June 2010

Group C - England enter the fray

Group C: As the experts see it...


Golden Glory, 4.5%

'Brewed with extract of peach blossom, which is an absolutely unmissable aspect of this beer's aroma and flavour that some will love and some will hate. It pours a deep, amber/gold with a thin, quickly dissapating head. On the nose a perfume of downy peach and floral, summery aromas leaps from the glass.'

Sierra Nevada Glissade, 7.5%
'Very pretty nose. You definitely can smell flowers on it, mixed with some malts and a little bit of sweetness that reminded me of a melon. Crisp and refreshing, but the malt gave it a medium body so you knew you weren’t drinking just another light beer.'

Skol, 3%
'A light, crisp and clean lager with some hoppy and fruity characters.'


Adnams Broadside, 6.3%
'Ruby red beer with spicy hops, pear drop fruit and hop resins on the aroma, burnt fruit, a hint of chocolate, chewy grain and peppery hops in the mouth, followed by a long, bittersweet finish with tangy hops, rich dark malt, ripe fruit and a light chocolate note.'
(COGH excuse - made with Slovenian Hops)

Match 5:
England 2
Pilsner 37, Whiskey 51

Tipsey 4, Chunderoo 78

Deaks takes a deep breath when asked for his opinion on this match - the summer peachiness of Golden Glory versus the 'flowery yet substantial' (according to James) Sierra Nevada Glissade. We discussed if Golden Glory was 'overpeached', and if so, was that a good idea. In the end neither beer convinced us they'd be more than a passing fancy, so we decided to share the spoils in a keenly fought, highly entertaining encounter.

The New York Post getting a little confused about the basics... back at COGH
we were starting to know how they felt...

Match 6:
Algeria 0

Slovenia 5
Bojangles 9, 67, 89, Illic 45+1, Pistic 52

No contest here. Whereas James considered Slovenia 'deep, smooth and fruity,' Skol certainly didn't live up to the 'Lager of the Highest Quality' written on the can. It had no discernable smell, as Deaks referred to it as 'Gary Lager Piss'. It was thought that the Slovenian Hops of Broadside resembled Newcastle Brown, but was superior and would be be consumed on a winter's afternoon around a roaring fire. Algeria already look like they have no part to play in the competition and we're only one game down...

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