Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Knock-Out Phase - No Second Chances

What next for Cup of Good Hop?
As the World Cup rolls towards the beginning of its end, our thoughts here at COGH turn to what should become of the site. We've had suggestions that we should run a Champions League version next season, and we are currently sizing this up. We could also run occasional Premier / Football League Beer face-offs. What do you think? Write and tell us what we should do, even if its to take a long run off a short pier.

Oh dear... well, we'll see tomorrow won't we?

Match 49:

France 4
Marceau 13, 57 Merci-Beaucoup 70, Cissy (pen) 85
Argentina 1
Galtieri 49
Sweet, hoppy with a touch of spice. We're not talking about a Skippy the Bush Kangeroo porn flick - this is La Choulette, and its thorough beating of Quilmes. 'This is going to be one tough mother to beat,' says Deaks approvingly. The Argentines may be having a stunning WC2010, but their beer oddessy came to an end, as one of the last 'Bog-Standard Lagerland' entrants bites the dust. Peter's parting shot was that Quilmes tastes like 'something your dad would drink in the 70s with a bit of lime cordial in it.' Ouch.

Barbie drink's from Cindy's furry Cup of Good Hop -
Obviously too much Jelen Pivo

Match 50:
Slovenia 2

Rektal 36, 48
Germany 2
Mullered 12, Geradehaus 50
(Germany won on penalties)

Weissbeer (Erdinger) vs quality ale (the Slovenian hops of Broadside) - not exactly comparing like with like but we had to go there, and there was barely the thickness of a beermat to separate them at the finish. 'They're so different,' says James, 'one's a summer beer and the other is one for around Christmas.' Stu comes up with a suggestion - 'well as its summer then we should give it to the Germans, and thus one of the toughest decisions yet in COGH is reluctantly made.

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