Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Yet more Group A - let's see them again...

Well, well, well, it would seem that Switzerland's World Cup side have been inspired by the performance of their COGH compatriot. Spain have got a mountain to climb - surely more appropriate for the Swiss. Who would have thought our humble beer challenge would be like an amber-coloured crystal ball?

Meanwhile, the five of us have been studiously capturing our thoughts on Post-Its, in notebooks and all other kinds of media. Deaks has been doing a stirling job as the compiler of the former and sticking them on the COGH Wallchart.

Hang on - what are Sindy and Barbie doing?!

There may have been fewer goals in the first round of matches in the World Cup than ever before, but there has been plenty of action as far as COGH is concerned. And now it's time for each of our beers to do battle once more - and for us to boldly go where no beer drinkers have gone before...

Fifa's new World Cup ball considered too light

Match 17:
South Africa 0

Uruguay 2
Forlan-Over 48, Uren 74

Durban Pale Ale continues to annoy the lads - 'there's a load of crap in the bottom,' says a non-plussed Peter. James rules it out as a session beer, saying he'd not be drinking the host's beer again in a hurry. 'It's even got a disappointing cap,' adds Dan disparagingly. Harvey's Blue Label - chosen as a tribute to Brighton's Uruguayan manager Gus Poyet gets an infinitely better reception. 'This is what real beer tastes like,' opines Deaks, wishing it was 5% and not a wishy-washy three-and-a-half. Clearly an example of doing the easy things well, and grabbing three deserved points.

COGH prefers Uwe Seeler to Vuvuzelas

Match 18:
France 3
Ribaldry 7, 34, Cissy 25

Mexico 1
Dirty-Sanchez 40

Mexico made to look bog-standard by this artisan delight. 'I still think this is a girl's beer,' says Stu, looking bemused by its presence in his hand. 'Stick a bit of lime in it,' says Dan, but receives little response. La Choulette continues to impress, a complex whirlwind of a beer that smells and tastes as seductive as a night on the Left Bank with some up-for-it sort called Mimi. 'They love a strike and Sasha Distelle, but I know what I like and I like this...Allez, allez allez' Nuff said.

Corona - Someone did put some lime in it eventually

Group A Table

4South Africa200214-30

COGH Analysis: Les Bleus are flying high and into the next round, probably as winners. The whole group depends on the Uruguay v Mexico tie, and the hosts look like they will be eliminated barring miracles, rather like their WC2010 equivalents.

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